Technology Plan

Our Mission:  The Colton-Pierrepont Central School Community proudly educates students to become 
responsible, respectful, and resourceful citizens, thereby continuing a tradition of innovation and excellence.

Colton-Pierrepont's District Vision:

As a school district, we are responsible for preparing our students to be productive, contributing members of our society. As our students will leave our school to live and work in the 21st Century, our vision is to prepare them for a workplace and a home that increasingly uses technology.

The culture in which we live is increasingly being supported and changed by a wide variety of technologies in this Information Age. Technology itself is a rapidly developing and changing phenomenon and is a major force in our world. 

We believe that technology exists as a very powerful, essential tool (among many) in the education process for both students and staff. We are committed to changing the teaching/learning process in our schools by training teachers, acquring various educational technologies, and assisting students as they expand their base of knowledge. Technology is not a separate curriculum, but an appropriate part of every curriculum at every level of  instruction. The use of technology can enhance the ability to explore and experience new concepts and ideas. We need to emphasize a learning environment that uses a variety of instructional techniques. 

This Technology Plan has been developed to provide a set of guiding principles for the appropriate and effective use of technology at Colton-Pierrepont Central School. This plan will change as technologies develop. These principles provide for the training of faculty and staff, the development of instructional programs and teaching strategies, the acquisition of hardware and software and the utilization of outside resources within the arena of education technology. It includes recommendations o insure that students experience and receive instruction from a variety of educational resources. 

Technology Vision:

Colton Pierrepont Central School District believes that the proper use of technology is a communication tool and necessary skill for a citizen of the 21st century. We are challenged with the task of education ourselves and our students about the ever-emerging technology that will help us to develop and share ideas in our "Information Age" society. We embrace new ways of finding, presenting and transferring information and will help our students to understand the advantages, limitations and possible dangers of the current and emerging technologies that facilitate this communication. Our students will be prepared to succeed in the technology age ahead. 

"The Maine Education Policy Research Institute (MEPRI) at the University of
Southern Maine released the results of a study, “Maine’s Middle School Laptop
Program: Creating Better Writers.” The study shows that the Maine Learning Technology Initiative has had a clear and significant positive impact on student writing achievement. In fact, twice as many students met “proficiency” standards in writing in the highest-laptop-use group as compared to the lowest-use group"

"In rural, urban and suburban schools across the state of Michigan, students
are showing a marked improvement in their standardized test scores in reading,
writing, science and math achievement through Michigan’s Freedom to Learn (FTL)

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