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Wind Chill

posted Jan 4, 2018, 7:58 AM by Joseph Kardash
Parents and community members,

We are aware of the wind chill advisory for Friday.  Predicted temperatures can be dangerous with as few as 10 minutes of direct exposure.

CPCS is in a unique position in that we have no walkers and no group pick-ups.  Our buses come to every household.  In these conditions, students should wait inside and watch for our buses.  Total time outside will be the walk from the bus to the house (maybe 1 minute). This does not pose a safety issue.  The school will likely be warmer than home for many students, so we intend to bring them in and make sure everyone has a hot meal and remains warm for the day barring any new information.

We do ask that students wear their coats, gloves and hats as appropriate in such temperatures.  As an added precaution, we will keep an extra bus running at the school to minimize response time should any mechanical issues arise.  We will also start our vehicles early tomorrow and recommend that everyone do the same with vehicles at home.

We do recognize that these temperatures are far too cold for outdoor activities like skiing, so we have canceled ski club for this week.  Stay warm and be safe!
Wind Chill