Annual Reviews

To Parents/Guardians of students with disabilities:

Please check out the following link to learn about a new "North Country Parent Assistance Center" (NCPAC):

NCPAC's mission is to "educate and empower parents, students, teachers, and the community" by offering training and workshops in the area of special education and "all things related".

I invite you to browse the website or contact my office if you are interested in hearing more details about this new organization.

Other Information:
Vicky Hyde
middle school Special Education Teacher
(12:1+1 class)
Jamie Matthie
K-4 Special Education Teacher
Jenny Morrill
5th and 6th Special Education (part time)
Melanie Barkley
7-12 Special Education Teacher
Peggy Horton Karen Peck
William Murphy Anna Ives
Nathan Pike (1/2 Time) Terry Cochran (special education as needed)
Jessica Andrews Carol Newvine