Leanne Knight

Lianne Knight

Mrs. Knight has been with the district since May 2013. Her previous experience includes being a school psychologist. Currently, Mrs. Knight is involved in many committees and programs. She is the chair of the Committee for Preschool Education, Special Education, and helps to develop 504 plans for students. Along with that, Mrs. Knight oversees Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and the Reading and Special Education Program. She is the McKinney Vento Liason. Her role is to support and help any students experiencing homelessness. Mrs. Knight supervises the Foals Program for our Colts age 0-3, and is a member of the administration team. As a member of the admin team, she supports the work of our principal and superintendent.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Knight if you have any questions!

Lianne L. Knight
Director of Pupil Services
Colton-Pierrepont Central School
(315) 262-2100 ext. 34140