Foals Program

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Snack time

Contact me!

Mrs. Prespare-Weston

"Ms. Shelli"


Phone number: (315) 262 2100 ex. 34112

About the Program:

Foals is self transport for participants and enrolled children must be accompanied every day by a parent or caregiver as FOALS promotes intergenerational interaction and learning. Participating children and their adult partners work together on activities that encourage foundational literacy skills through stories, play, crafts, music, and movement. All children 0-3 (including siblings and other day-care participants) may attend.

  • 1 1/2 to 2 hours per day during the school year

  • Play activities (crafts, stories, movement) for children up to age 4

  • Caregivers or day car providers stay and "play" alongside their child(ren)

  • Snacks

Expectations for Parents/caregivers in the FOALS Program:

  • Attend regularly with your child

  • Participate fully unless assisting other children at the teacher's request

  • Any questions or concerns please see me first

  • One of my needs is for the parent to attend to activities with their own child unless there is a safety concern for another. Some behaviors in other children may seem inappropriate, but unless they violate classroom rules, please do not interfere

  • NO cell phone use (unless an emergency)