Free Breakfast and Lunch!
Athletic Registration for Winter Sports
Spirit Week Sept 2023
Say hello to parent teacher chat
say hello to parent-teacher chat
Poster of Oliver Johnson and his jersey #22
Children sitting at a table playing games
Many kids filling green stands holding US flags.
Many kids standing outside infront of a log cabin with a sign above that says "IBC ski".
15 students wearing purple and white hats standing infront of red doors
8 students in the London Eye with the Great Britain, Spain, and France flags.
A group of kids in front of musical instruments being played by 4 different people.
Boy wearing #20 Colts white jersey shooting a basketball with a boy in blue jersey trying to block him.
Boy in #11 Colts white jersey shoots a basket while boys in red  Pirates jerseys try to block him.
Three young ladies and a professor creating a big cloud.
9 boys in white jerseys that say "Colts" with their coach. One boy is holding a basketball.
10 young ladies in white jerseys that say "Colts" with their coach.
Girl wearing a black coat standing under a red sign with the ESWG logo on it.
A figure skater is on one foot doing a spin with a smile on her face.
Tables filled with gently used items and toys for the Annual holiday Store fill the gym lobby.